Feedback poll about interactive "maid jobs"

As I mentioned in the development plans for July, I wanted to gather feedback on the new type of scenes. 

What do you think about such scenes? Perhaps you know a way to improve them? Use the poll to share your opinion and feel free to leave a comment.

In case you didn't find these scenes - visit the mansion north-east of the starting village, then craft a maid dress with Dressmaker Diana's help. After this, go upstairs in the mansion and agree to "entertain" the guest. Please note that this activity increases Ada's lewd level.

There's only one client in Yorna v0.1.5 but I'll add 2 more in the upcoming v0.2.0. Yes, some of you want to entertain female guests but they will be ready at the later date. I'll have to make an entirely different logic mesh for them.

The poll will be up for a week and I'll make an info post with results after it ends.

They are good as is. Bring more types of sex and poses.


Such scenes need more variety in Ada's actions.


Interactive scenes should be longer.


Interactive scenes should be shorter.


Add lewd sounds to interactive scenes.

Poll ended Aug 9, 2018
103 votes total

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