Feelers For Update Frequency/Content and Update on Rewards
Hey all! Just a quick update to let you know I didn't disappear into the aether. I'm working on this month's scripts right now - I'm about halfway done with the big episode and just started on the minisode. However, I'm not sure whether any of you would want to know the subjects in advance? More to the point: I don't want to spam your collective in-boxes or bug you with trivial updates, but I also don't want to have an awkward silent running until I pop up with a video once a month. So let's get the ball rolling on having a more active conversation! If anyone has any recommendations for how often (or infrequently!) you'd like to see me post updates about episode progress here (and what those updates should contain), let me know. I can't promise they'll be thrilling updates (writing is rarely that exciting) but I want to make sure there's an open channel of communication. In the mean time I've been going over the list of proposed rewards and trying to find any that really seem feasible or that I feel comfortable with. One thing that struck me as feasible is this: in addition to a minisode I could do a more vloggy Q&A style video a month? I'd only accept questions from patrons, that way it's an exclusive reward for backers, but the videos would be publicly available to anyone who wanted to see them. I'm wary of the awkard "PAY FOR XCLUSIVE ACCESS 2 CAMPSTER" angle of this, so if seems at all egotistical or uncouth please let me know! I've looked into t-shirts, mugs, and other physical rewards, and here's the problem with those: One area that Subbable actually bests Patreon in is the ability to track per-donor contribution totals, which means you can set up rewards for passing a certain overall donation total regardless of how long it took. That is to say: I could set up a $25 reward tier for t-shirts on Subbable, and even if you give just $1/month you could earn your way up to that reward tier after 25 months. Cool, right? Patreon has no such system as of right now, so I'm left with two choices to support t-shirts. First, I could ask for either a large per-month donation for a comparatively cheap t-shirt (a $25 total donation amount for a t-shirt is cool, a $25/month donation for a t-shirt is really shady and lame). Or I could lower the per-month cost to get a t-shirt (say, $5/month) and end up potentially losing money on the trade if someone only subscribes for a month, gets their t-shirt, and cancels their pledge. It's a tough problem and until Patreon has support for what Subbable calls a "perk bank" I'm not sure there's a way to do this that's fair to both myself and you lovely people. Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time for now. Feel free to comment or leave me a message if you have any questions or concerns!