Feeling stuck, please help ❤️
So I'm feeling a bit stuck with Patreon this past month. There are a lot of people who pledge an unpledge right away. I feel like I'm not providing the content you want to see! :(

I know most of you are going to say "Keep doing you! We love what you're doing!", but I really want constructive advice on what would make my Patreon better! (Obviously saying "nudes" is not constructive LOL) 😂

For those who are patrons, what do you prefer? Casual/sexy selfies? Actual photoshoots?
Do you guys like the prints? Maybe you'd like me to put more effort into tutorials instead of just talking about it on snapchat? How do you think I could make y'all happier?

For those who aren't patrons, what are things other Patreon pages have that you really love? What do you think I should add/remove from my reward tiers? Do you prefer physical or digital rewards?

What about a 25$ tier for people who don't want prints, but prefer digital pictures? Pictures would be in a google drive folder at the end of every month, maybe around 50 pictures. Just a tons of selfies, extra photoshoot pics I haven't posted, sexy pictures, etc. I would make these monthly digital sets available for my existing 35$, 50$ and 100$ tiers as well, that way, people who want both prints and digital pictures can pledge to those tiers? Does that sound interesting?

Thanks for the help! I really want to create a community and do my best to improve ❤️
Love you babes xxx