Feet pads wip + importance of user friendliness
This week, I pulled out every single pattern involving feet and had a spring cleaning. I garbaged (or labeled and packed away) the old ones and cleaned up/remade the current ones. 

I also rewrote my "cheat sheet" (a diagram of how everything fits together to make a finished paw) as I mentally worked out new and better ways to construct them. 

My aim with all of this is to not change the end results much but just to make the entire process more user-friendly for me with less unknowns or improvisation needed. 

As an example of what I mean, I also decided to entirely resculpt my feetpads. They were previously a one part mold that had to be cast directly onto the feet. (Which is always a danger because casting is never a perfect system. 

They could be too thick or too crooked or the wrong color and then your only choice really is to start over again with the entire foot) and I'm changing them into a two-part mold that I will cast (and adjust until I have a perfect cast) and then glue onto the feet separately (to which I've already tested that the glue will stick firmly to the new materials chosen) 

This gives me much more control over the finished result (which means less stress during the process). And I'll even be able to make pawpads ahead of time and store them until needed (which currently I've been unable to. 

All very helpful things to me with just a smallish change in design efficiency. Add these small bits of efficiency all throughout your work and it can make a really big difference

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