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Fellini's Pool
The pool hidden in the foothills just north of the city are said to hold magical powers and had been used for decades to heal the ailments of the well-to-do people and nobles of the region. After the Fall, the pool fell into disuse and darkness slipped into the waters. Today the smaller, round pool is nearly pitch black and stirs as if something slides through the murky waters searching for prey. The larger pool is a deep blue and very warm, bubbles dance from the depths and make their way to the surface, forming patches of foamy islands. Whatever magic holds the darkness at bay (via the hidden tunnel that connects the two pools) is based in the jeweled eyes of the statue in the middle of the pool. Said to be a long forgotten goddess, the bright blue gems protect the large pool from the vile water creatures that live in the smaller pool. Once pulled, all barriers are removed and the creatures will speed to the large pool to wait for fresh prey.