I sent this text to Leslie on Thursday: "The DC Commission just awarded me an additional $5,000 as a fellowship based on last year's rankings and re-allocating funds to individual artists. Holy shit!" Indeed. This gives me a bit of breathing room to accomplish bigger goals. Yay!!! One gift I'm giving myself is attending Camp GLP - a retreat hosted by The Good Life Project. A fellow entrepreneur told me about it last year; she learned a ton to help grow her business with great success and balance for herself and her family. I'm expecting to learn from some masters, connect with new peers, and spend some quality time reflecting on what has been and what shall be! I've historically avoided investing in myself; I thought it was selfish when I have so many mouths to feed. I'm learning to do the cost v. benefit analysis of all opportunities - including the chance to learn and develop past my self-imposed limitations. Thank you for being with me and helping me bloom! k.k. :) Info on GLP: http://www.goodlifeproject.com/