Fellowship & Freedom: Morgellons, Transhumanism & The Paranormal with @KBVisions of Event Horizon
[YouTube Video Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ljwerLCXFI]

Strap yourselves in for this, because from start to finish, the episode  will have your mind spinning. @KBVisions of Event Chronicle comes onto  the show to talk about the water front of hidden agendas at play. Some  of the controversial topics covered on both our shows, like Chemtrails,  Geo-Engineering and Genetic Modification, becomes passe but they still  set the foundation for the understanding of things in this broadcast.

Transhumanism  isn't as simple as having man merge machines, that would present the  idea of being able to opt out of such a crazy notion. The levels at  which we're dealing with things is so deep that things may seem  insurmountable, but believe it or not, we're winning. The ultimate  solution to surviving the onslaught of detrimental events taking place  is to adapt and overcome; once you've realized that we're in a war, not  only for your health, but for your mind, body and soul, you'll realize  the strength you've had all along.

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