First Patron post yeeaahhh! Sorry it took awhile. I was out of town over the weekend visiting my sister and nephews in Texas. 

So you are the first people to see this! I'd been working with the talented Zach Fischer with a fem Variks cosplay. It's been a long process but I'm so thankful to have it and art takes time so I totally understand! I'm really excited to get started on it, but probably won't be able to until the Fall. Let's hope Variks is still around in Destiny 2 haha. This will take A LOT of effort so all your support and donations will mean so so much and probably go towards this build and to PAX.

Also. Three cheers for my Destiny friend Belle Bunny for launching her Patreon! If you want more awesome Destiny content you should check hers out too =) 

Love you all. Thanks for being awesome. See you starside guardians. 

<3 Bubbles

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