Female Meal Worm and Male Catfish Sprite (MAY)
Last month, 2 characters appeared in 2 Frames Quest.  But they appeared only for 2 panels.  I actually like how these 2 came out for the most part.  And I'm including a clothes-less version mostly cause of the meal worm.  A really odd thing to make into an anthro sprite, I noticed that these worms still had 6 legs and it basically made me think of this design here, with the fat tail.    Which was mostly covered by the mage clothes.   Thighs is something I wanted cause I'm weird, heh

Catfish is nude for equality reasons =P.  But I still generally like how he came out. The runes on his clothes are meant to keep his clothes moist.  Not enough for him to drip everywhere, but just enough for his fishiness to feel comfortable.  My main problem is the meal worm's clothes.  This was actually the second version of clothes for her (v1 wasn't mage-like enough and I might refurbish it someday).  But she's suppose to be the main leader of a shifty magic project and she looks really plain to me.  Which isn't a complete bad thing.  She doesn't need to be egotistical enough to "dress the part".  But yeah.

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