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Feminist Rant On Harry Potter... - Human Rights Recitals
I read, I wrote, I ranted!

Be warned it's a long one! But I could have gone on. Oh well...

I found an interesting little Fun Fact that I'll send to the $14 patrons in my next set of cards. Something I always found a little unusual, but now I have the explanation. When you investigate with the feminist gaze, you find!

Send the link to everyone you know who loves Harry Potter, and every one with children. They might already have noticed what I've seen, but then again they might think it's a great story for children of any gender. 

Sorry, not sorry, but it's not!

Now I will take a deep breath and tomorrow  is back to Bernstein. ;-)

Best to you!


ps. I would love to see some of you give your view at the blog. I know some of you have children of "story telling age".