A sketch reward for one of my fantastic Mage's, Tyler Cole!

With great thanks and gratitude Tyler! 

Im posting rewards in the next few days along with Eastar treats and mini prints! PLEASE make sure your address is up to date everyone!

I also wanted to thank my Pack Mates for supporting me over the last few months especially as it's allowed me to work on my new personal project Void. Working on Void this month has meant that I've not earned as much but the funds from Patreon has paid my rent and bills and allowed me to not worry.

Several Long term and high paying supporters will get this book free as part of their reward and I'll be announcing who that is soon along with more Kickstarter updates. I'll also be thanking my Pack personally and I'll be including the names of my Mages and Alpha Dogs in the credits.

I'm hoping to go live with Kickstarter in a few weeks but also urge you to check out Emily and Collette who have their Kickstarter soon too!  

Happy Sunday Wolflings x