FeralKevin does fiction!
Welcome to my new Patreon page. Thanks for checking it out. I want to update you on what I have been working on for the past year -- my first novel. I started out my career as a screenwriter early on before the birth of FeralKevin and my foraging career. In 2011, I co-authored The Bay Area Forager, then moved onto to writing my E-book Crash Course in Wild Mushroom Foraging. Then after a successful Kickstarter campaign, I released Practically Wild, another non-fiction book. Upon starting a third non-fiction book related to foraging, plants, naturalism, permaculture, and all the things I love and have been known for, the project quickly morphed into a novel. I found that fiction is much better way to get my ideas across, and I want to keep writing it.  I have 3 more novels in the queue right now, that I'm eager to get started on. The first novel is finished, it needs to be proofread, cover designed, and printed. I expect the release to be no later than June, if not much sooner.  

Stay tuned for more updates.