Ferris Wheel
I painted this picture a few weeks ago. I was going to make a very sexy (or eye entertaining) version of this pic. so I made a not very sexy version first. And I love it very much. So I set it as my background pic on my hospital computer (work place computer). Then a couple days later, my coworker told me that my background pic maybe very offensive to somebody. I understand that this kind of art work may not fit a health care department's computer background, but I swear that I never wanted to offense anyone when I was painting this picture. My workplace is very mentally intense, I feel so much relieve everytime I see this happy smiling face. Even tho I know that my co-worker was just trying to keep me away from any kind of trouble, but it still made my heart bleeding when he told me that my painting is going to offense someone. I really really hope my art work can bring people smile instead of rage. 

my Patron will get:

       ♥♥ High-resolution picture with no holy light (LoL), either signature or other stuff. Perfect for PC desktop or print out and framing as wall decoration. ♥♥ 

       ♥♥ Both Child friendly and adult satisfaction version of this picture. ♥♥ 

       ♥♥ Reward will be sent via E-mail within two days. ♥♥ 

Thank you very much for your support.