Fertilizer from Food Waste
Tinia Pina is only too aware that 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted every single year. To tell you the truth, this is an amount I cannot even visualize.

While tutoring inner city kids, she saw first hand the hugely negative effect bad nutrition has on kids trying to study. Tinia wanted to do something to change the reality of food deserts in so many cities.

She also saw that tons of food waste was transported from New York to be added to a landfill a few hundred miles away. That got the wheels turning and she came up with the idea to turn food waste into a fertilizer.

A watersoluble fertilizer which can be used in hydroponic systems is what she and her team created. They use organic ingredients only and hopefully soon, they will be able to call thefertilizer her company Re-Nuble is producing certified organic as well.

Remember the kids who got Tinia inspired to work full time and use all her savings to start a company at the same time? Re-Nuble and Tinia are working with or supporting several initiatives who not only grow food in schools and other inner city locations, but also teach the kids new skills.

Please listen to our podcast to learn more about Tinia, Re-Nuble and growing food in many different ways.