Fetch Demo- Play with a Dog in VR with 360 interactive Vid! For Oculus. Sep 27 at 1:16pm
 The main ideas of this demo: 

1. Activate brain networks responsible for "joint action" and empathy with a dog.  

2. Experiment with combining 360 video with interactive objects. 

Joint Action is the brain's ability to coordinate actions with other agents. Amazingly enough we can do this not only with other humans but with dogs who evolved along side humans hunting with them. This typically involves brain ares called superior temporal sulcus and  temporo-parietal junction. Most humans are also rewarded by this type of behavior.
Personally, while playing this app, when I threw a ball that exactly fit the video of the dog retrieving it, my brain was tricked into thinking I had managed to predict the dog's movements resulting in a momentarily strong end enjoyable sens of a larger "us".


Technical Stuff:

1. This demo was made for the oculus (with touch controllers) 

2. Unzip and play the executable.

We recommend strapping on the hand controllers for this game!
Use the grip buttons to pick up the ball, let go of the grip button while pitching the ball in different direction and the dog will return your ball!