Fête des Pères - in a Moleskine
It was a hot and windy Father's Day in 2017. The car windows were down, dog slobber blowing happily on whatever happened to be behind us, and the reminder of empty stomachs made the air that much more savory.

The four of us visited the small town of North Hatley (750 people) about an hour away from our home to celebrate my two young adults' dad. Shamefully, I have never visited this place before, but I'll definitely go again! It is a tourist town in the summer, but it isn't all that well known, so even though yes, there are a lot of people, there aren't THAT many. It's easy enough to get a beer near the lovely lake, and there was plentiful place to sit and do the above sketch.

I do want to go back, however, to do several more complete sketches - it really is a pretty place.

The very quick sketch above shows part of Lake Massawippi, which is more or less a half hour away from another tourist town of Magog, which is right on one end of Lake Memphrémagog - the other end of the lake ends just past Newport, in the USA.

The paper of this watercolor book scans terribly - the texture scans along with the painting - so it's my cell phone had to stand in... I hope to rectify the problem for the future.