Fever Pitch: Call For Credits
I have the proofed version for Fever Pitch in my inbox, and I could theoretically send it to Paul to format today. I'm going to wait, though, because I want to make sure anybody who wants their name in it gets their pledge in now. 

You need to get it in NOW. Like, right NOW. I can give you until Tuesday morning 8AM Iowa time but then I have to move. If you want your name in the acknowledgments, get your pledge level raised to the $75 level, and then email [email protected] with the name you want listed. I will also be emailing you here shortly to confirm the name you want if you're already at that level.

Lonely Hearts and Clockwork Heart are Also this month, as well as Frozen Heart, though I'm going to officially release Frozen Heart in May. (You guys will get it this week.) If you want your name in any of those books, this is the month to raise your pledge as well. I'll put out the call for Lonely Hearts later this week, but for that one you have a little more time. If you're in for one, you're in for all of them--unless you raise your pledge later this week/month and I've already sent in the manuscript for Fever Pitch. But if you don't care about anything but Fever Pitch, you'll still be in the other books, if that makes sense. 

After that we're going to have a short break because we're going to be waiting on covers. Also I have to finish this book and go to RT. April is going to kill me.

Questions, ask me here or PM me. You can email but I warn you, my email is a hot mess. Technically I get the PM notices as emails but somehow mentally those are different. I can't explain myself.