A Few Books With My Stories
I like to check my Amazon Author Central page every now and then to see how the anthologies in which I have stories are doing. Tales From the Bully Box is still doing well, and In Creeps the Night is also selling, though mostly in audio book form. These are my top five on Amazon (as of 02/23/2018).

While I did get paid (a tiny amount) for a few of my short stories and poems, several went into charity anthologies (like the two mentioned above), so I didn't get anything for them. All told, the limited revenue I've obtained from writing explains why I'm here on Patreon

Should you wish to find out more about my stories, they're mostly available on Amazon with a couple more on Lulu. Some you can preview on Google Books. You can see links to them all on my blog. I would think any of them would be suitable for those over 10 years of age. If you find my work appealing, perhaps you can make a small donation here to keep the flow going - both on Patreon and in future books. And then you'd have access to even more of my writing (and art)!

No pressure, just a suggestion...

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