A few necessities...
Here I'd like to take a moment to keep you up to date with everything that's going on in the world of Striker, and Strikepaw Studios in general.

My desktop computer which I edit videos on is currently inoperable due to a dying hard drive and one faulty electrical outlet. I've been using my laptop to edit vlogs, but it is not up to the task of editing HD video, and VideoPad completely chokes on any 4k that I record with my phone. Hence the reason why the vlogs have been rather shoddy. I'm also still without a home internet connection, so I have to run to the library to upload videos so as to not hit a debilitating data cap.

Many of the projects I wanted to start right after moving have been put on hold due to having zero budget and everything breaking (again). I know some of you have been waiting to hear something of the podcast or the short film concept I had bounced around, and I still want to do them along with getting back to my regular content, but if any of these projects are to get anywhere within the year, I'm going to need to get some hardware in here.  Things are going really slow at the body shop where I'm apprenticing for reasons I can't disclose, so I'm going to need your help to get on track.

Here's a list of priority equipment I'm going to need:

-600GB SSD
-Monitor (native 1080p or better. My current one isn't)
-probably a new motherboard and fresh OS install :(
-Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere (I haven't decided)
-A new laptop PC
-DSLR Camera

There are a few other things I'd like to acquire (like a camera drone), but for now I just want to get in to the game.

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