A "few" words I wanted to express before we hit the weekend.

I apologize for those people who wanted me to continue to update on Friday, but this was kind of a decision that I was thinking about for a few months now. We're going to hit the 2 year mark for how long I've been drawing and writing Brujagh here in June/July. I never thought that I would have lasted this long, but I'm certain that it's going to continue far beyond a few more years.

The reason that I dropped Friday is that I needed some extra time to sit down and re-evaluate how I worked on my pages. This is stuff like, time spent sketching, inking, coloring and what not. Trying to ride a line between quality and quantity. And we know, without a doubt, quality is what matters a lot in this field.

I don't think that Brujagh looks good.

I've gotten a lot of great comments about how it DOES look though, and I really do appreciate that! At a personal level I'm not really satisfied. Trying to get three pages out a week with the fidelity that I wanted was starting to strain me, and I could see it in my work. That and the huge anime-ish eyes was becoming an issue for a lot of readers.

Maybe this is why Brujagh is lacking in readers? I don't know. But I've heard the comment "Should have more readers/followers!" more than I'm comfortable with.

Having Friday being dropped as an update day gives me a bit more flexibility in how I start making a bit of a buffer in case something comes up, and gives me plenty of time to focus on making the pages look better. It also gives me a chance to experiment, and write more.

And yes, eventually, do that Q&A.

For those who have supported me, shared my posts, left comments, and kept with me, thank you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. And a special thank you for those who are helping me keep alive in the real world with your Patreon support <3.