FF9 speedart Zidane & Garnet (daily warmup 6816)

here it is! the surviving footage just before the


hard drive failure of 2016

effectively wiping out years of artwork.

but here's a record of the last pic I did for my daily warm up

Zidane and Garnet from Final Fantasy 9

really, the only reason this footage exists is because it went straight to my youtube channel and I didn't get the chance to download it (where by I then delete the original file from internet existence)

I've been kind of lazy about deleting them lately because for some reason a few of the long play videos have A LOT of views. my video don't usually get a lot of views. like... AT ALL. 


n'well, maybe it has to do with the subject matter of some of them like my

Tokoyami long play video

has over 100 views. O_O there's no sound just me drawing an MHA character, so... I guess that's why? idk... 

it's neat. that much I do know, so it can stay up for as long as youtube exists.

okay... back to making comics.

daily warmups start back on monday 13th
yay! thank you for everythaaaaaaangbut especially for being awesome.

music: Craic in the Castle Walls (Cid's Theme) 
by: XPRTNovice (Joseph Zieja)
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