FFXIV Hack Tool
9/21/18 Updated

This site is for a FFXIV hack tool that

-removes the 500ms delay between abilities (abilities/spells/weapon skills can be used in instant succession IF they are off cooldown [i.e. you still can't spam GCDs back-to-back]),

-removes animation lock for abilities such as limit breaks and assassinate (not jumps unfortunately),

-removes movement effects from sleep, stun, bind, temporary insanity, heavy, etc.,

-reduces cast times by 0.35 seconds (any lower and the server won't recognize the cast),

-reduces delay between gathering attempts (adjustable),

-increases max camera distance (adjustable),

-increases the target circle of mobs and players to allow for more distant casting/ability activation,

-and overlays a radar of nearby mobs and objects (toggleable).

The full version also comes with a GUI and keybinds to turn these functions on/off.

As of right now, the tool only works with the dx11 version of FFXIV. If the demand arises, I will work on a dx9 version.

To run: simply run the executable (as administrator) while FFXIV is running.

I will include a demo version in this post, which has the cast time reduction feature.

To be added next:

Radar updates

Thank you!

 --Demo version updated for 4.4 update.