FFXV table working, PC crashed again 18-3-8

First I want to confirm that the table for FFXV that i made for 3DM version is also work for official Steam version as well thanks to commanderhigsby for lending me the game.

Second, yea you see the image, just this morning that I was checking FFXV official ver and trying to hack new stuff that my pc crashed with the BSOD, shattered/scrambled like that, i dont know the word. I couldn't even read the message. Then when I restarted my pc. It entered the eternal bootloop. Just like this article


Tried all the methods from repairing to clean boot, I don't know why the repair tool from the installation disc never works for me. It never be able to identify the problem.

I had to go to work leaving it behind, I couldn't get it out of my mind at work. Some of my colleagues said that it's due to the RAM problem (Hell the RAM kit i bought near the end of last year and yet), that it crashed and damaged the system files. Repairing is out of question, they told me to reinstall windows again. 

So I did, lost the working environment again. I keep having to build everything from scratch everytime it happens. Last time I use the backup and I lost my other drive... Really silly but it happens, my PC is getting more and more unstable of late. And I can't do anything about it...

Still trying to find a way out. My short saving is one thing and there's the crazy price changes of late.