Sorry old patrons, this is for the new folks comin' in. Bear with me. 

So - you went to weird-beer.com and ended up here. What happened? Why isn't the comic here and free to see?

For now, Weird-Beer is pointing to the HEK Studio patreon. Eventually the comic will be free for all to see, but I worship at the feet of the almighty $1 a month, and that $1 gets you early access to FHTAGN and LOATHING. Eventually Weird-Beer will be it's own site - but by then it'll be almost a year behind the web comic on the Patreon. It pays to pay a $1. 

Plus, that $1 will get you a lot of really awesome work from Brian Hurtt and Matt Kindt. That's a whole lotta bang for your buck. 

Thanks for the FnL link love, here's hoping you get hooked on this comic. 

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