Fiction For April: Dubaku Part 1
I'm a big late getting the exclusive fiction for April up, but I've decided to try something brand new this time out. Instead of a self-contained short story, this month I'm beginning the serialization of my dark fantasy novella Dubaku, which has been out of print for a couple years now.

Dubaku is the story of a powerful African shaman from an isolated interior tribe whose pregnant wife is kidnaped by her own brother and sold into slavery. Desperate to retrieve her, Dubaku travels to the coast and surrenders himself to an English slaver, hoping he will be taken to the same place.

I would call Dubaku Grimdark Sword And Soul (to borrow Milton Davis' term). It's only the first movement in an epic cycle, the second of which, Dubaku And The Mad Master, I'll be posting up here as well once Dubaku concludes.

Thanks once again for your support.