Fiddle Camp Tunes - Vol. 1
I've been writing fiddle tunes collaboratively with fiddle campers and workshop attendees over the past 7 years.  Thanks to Pam Wiley for encouraging me to pursue this as a serious educational path - I've  developed a system that I've been showing to students and string teachers from east coast to west coast - and my method has made it as far north as Alaska and as far south as Hawaii.  I presented this process at the national ASTA conference in 2017.  I hope you will enjoy these tunes and I look forward to co-writing more in the future!

The official description: "Tunewriting: Collaborative Fiddle Tune Composition - Participants in this workshop will compose a new fiddle tune collaboratively.  We'll dissect fiddle tunes to find out what makes them tick, learn how to open ourselves up to receive those magic bits of inspiration, explore compositional strategies and experience how to use melodic development to turn a small phrase into a coherent fiddle tune.  As a group, we will collaborate on writing a new tune together, and attendees will leave with a new skill set and inspiration for writing new tunes into the future!"

Updated 2/28/18 for a total of 43 tunes.  I will be posting more tunes as I write more at camps and workshops into the future.