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Field Recordings (April 2016)
There's one sound attached to this post - can you deduce the name the site?  Aw, heck, the picture probably gave it away.  But can you tell its specific, geographic location?

There's a reason that I ask, relating to a more critical way of responding to sounds.  

You've probably never heard of Karel Sidorjak.  But his collection of Home Depot sounds intrigued me after I heard this story:  


(To hear the radio story instead of reading it, scroll halfway down the page and click the orange Play button next to the bear with the microphone.) 

The story is about the Aporee.org site, which is the first place I upload my recordings.  I was glad to see the site and its creator, Udo Noll, get some coverage.

But Karel offered up some fairly ugly sounds, and it expanded my notions of what could constitute "worthy recordings."  Since he'd recorded the interior sounds and muzak inside northern California Home Depot stores, I wondered if any variation might be heard at another Home Depot 2,000 miles away.  You'll have to decide.   

Listen here:


Spring could be heard bursting forth in April, with restful raindrops, plucky dogs, feisty lakes and marshes, marshes, marshes! Plus some industrial racket--the first Michigan contribution to the Karel Sidorjak Home Depot Collection.

This past month's field notes will be uploaded over the next week, just for patrons.  If you like what you hear, you can help make these recordings a little more interesting.   The current group of pledges will go towards a mic stand accessory that allows for some unique positioning.    

Thanks for listening!