"Fields Afire"
One of my latest paintings, "Fields Afire" is an original 16x20 inch acrylic painting on stretched canvas. This painting was inspired by several things. First I had been watching a television drama about the aftermath from meteors striking the Earth, so flaming rock and burning fields were on my mind! Secondly, there has been a significant increase wildfire outbreaks across the US. I watch the news as acres of land burn, along with people's homes, and feel the loss. Finally, there is the issue of global warming and the long-term effects it will have on Earth's climate, as temperatures rise and we experience the burning hot sun and drought. Yes, I know, not a happy little painting. But I was feeling so many emotions that just came out on canvas. I hope the viewer can feel the heat from the sun and the flames through my use of warm colors and bold brush strokes.  The blackened, smouldering grass is still burning with orange and red flames. The contrast between black and orange is striking. I think that's why it's one of my favorite works so far.