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Fiendish Festivities
Hey guys! Finished this creepy carnival inspired piece. The prompt was called "Doom Carnival", and I expanded on the imagery thinking about what might be at a creepy carnival. And it wouldn't just be dark and gloomy- it would be much more unsettling if the park started operating on it's own. 

You're exploring a run down/broken/empty carnival at night, but then you step on a switch and the carnival starts slowly coming to life. Even though the lights are coming on, there's something off about the whole place. It's like a maze, and every corner you turn, you're sure there must be monsters/killer clowns or something worse. You run into a fortune teller, and despite not having deposited a coin, he gives you a cryptic fortune from “beyond”, and you feel another presence sneaking up on you. You pause, and then quickly turn around to find yourself suddenly in a distorted mirror maze, with sinister sideshow performers reflected in all of them (fire eater, knife thrower, etc). You luckily manage to escape as the lights in the park begin to dim and everything begins to lose power thanks to the first light of morning.   

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