FIFA 19 - CM Cheat Table v1.2.3

FIFA 19 - CM Cheat Table v1.2.3 

FIFA 19 - CM Cheat Table v1.2.3 is available for download.

Schedule editor has been added!

Now you can edit match date of any of your upcoming games.

 before you start using it, please, read short guide on github  

 Added 'Pin' icon to all GUI forms 

This makes your window to stay always on top.



 Download in attachment 

Changes in v1.2.3:

  •   Added 'Pin' icon to all GUI forms. Use to make window stay always on top
  •   Added 'Resize' icon to all GUI forms (bottom right corner). You can resize any form. 
  •   Fixed calulating player ovr in GUI (replaced math.floor with math.round Im still not including int. rep.)

 Full Changelog: <Click Here>  

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