The Fifth Age of Water: The Justice
Tonight at midnight we will wrap up week four (of seven) of our Go Deeper Patreon Campaign. Our hope is to reach the $1,000 mark and we’re just $119 shy of that goal.

I want to thank each of you for the massive and generous amount of support and effort you’ve extended so far. We've gotten this campaign off to a great start during a difficult season for fundraising, late summer.

A big thanks to David and Donna Pu’u who have creatively shared the campaign in so many different ways, stepping up in the true spirit of this past week’s theme, 'The Fourth Age of Water: The Fighter'. We fight for what we love, indeed.

I’m excited to announce that this week we’ll add a new patron reward category at the $249/month level which holds all the rewards of the $99 level PLUS a beautiful custom fit wave belt and buckle made and generously contributed by my brother, sculptor Joshua Hoy. I wear mine proudly every day. Feel free to upgrade and/or invite any wave lovers to join us now.

The theme of Week Five is 'The Fifth Age of Water: The Justice'. 

It’s in this age that we carry more weight, inherit bigger responsibilities, offer more advice, and begin to become mentors and sometimes even sages owing to our accumulated experiences, successes and failures. As such, water takes on a new and important role as a source of insight and creativity, mental and emotional restoration, and cognitive and social maintenance. 

This is often one of the longest ages of our lives, will be one of the more weighty chapters of the book, and also one that’s quite appealing to my core reading demographic.

Last night I had a long conversation with a friend who is a decade older than me. His work puts tremendous responsibility on him, with his wife he is raising three children, recently took over the family business, is successfully battling prostate cancer, and has some big bold plans for the decade ahead. The ocean is his fuel, his gym, what he dreams about to lift him when he’s low, and what allows him to be even more generous with his accumulated wisdom (and humor).

Again, thank you very, very much for being my patrons.