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Fifty Shades of Grey
Oh holy shit. Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James is a 2011 self-published book about the sexual relationship of virginal Anastasia Steele and rich sociopath Christian Grey. Throughout the book Grey introduces Steele to the world of sex and stuff happens that resembles a plot. At best the book is a harmless, poorly written erotica novel that caught the attention of sex-starved people looking to fuel their fantasies through characters so lacking in character anyone could slip in their less than sparkly but very Twilight skin like a squishy old shoe on parade day. At worst the text is a work of the Underdark that shall bring upon the destruction of humanity by causing all who read it to either go insane with lust to the point of reverse-procreation, enter into destructive relationships thinking domination and submission equate with mental abuse, or simply to cause the stupification of the higher mind and leave the reader alone in search of a passion empty and devoid of all fulfilling romance.

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