fight between air & fire - a performance with the cosmos

development of the movie

In this movie you can find a collage of movies that were made on the

border of Switzerland in Gressoney-Saint-Jean and Borgofranco. They are

sequences from the movie Schasa dance and the performance of an Egyptian

deity & pain that I made to a new plot. You can find more

informations about these movies in the menu issue expressive dances

under performing arts & religion. There you can also find the

conception of the beke dance series that I developed from 2013 until

2015. After having worked on the beke dance series where the kinds of

being Tumo, the all gripping love and Schastél had been mediated in a

performance with the cosmos there occured the idea to characterize the

figure Schasa in the a dance that should be conveyed in a movie. The

performance of an Egyptian deity & pain was a continuation of the

character Schsa. These new plot of fight between air & fire

developed in connection with the seventh symphony by Ludwig van

Beethoven. The movie speaks about a non empirical kind of being that

carries the Zoudiac signs Gemini and Sagittarius inside of it whereby it

has to outstand the fight between the elements air & fire.

Playfulness and inner maturity, greatness and madness, fondness and

strength are united in it. Elisabeth Schastél wishes a good