Fight - Poem
It hurts, doesn't it? 

When you say “Hello”   

And instead of responding, 

They quickly avert their fearful eyes.

It hurts, doesn't it? 

When they say that your clothes, 

The way you think,   

And the way you speak,

Are strange.   

It stings,   

But on some level 

You enjoy it. 

Because it means you aren't like them.

And you never will be.   

It hurts, doesn't it? 

When you tell them something heartfelt, 

Something important, 

And they don't even look up from their phones.   

It hurts, doesn't it? 

When they lie to you,

Disrespect your time, 

And play games with you.   

They lead you on 

Because they want the attention, 

But they're too scared be vulnerable, 

To connect.

It hurts, doesn't it? 

Feeling like you're too small 

To have a significant impact   

On this twisted world.   

Feeling no more influential than a grain of sand.   

It hurts, doesn't it? 

Fighting day after day   

Against a culture that wants to shape you.   

You that is honest.   

You that is radiant. 

You that is brave and bold and beautiful.   


It hurts.   

And it will always hurt,

Striving to be open-minded, 





And kind.   

But you have chosen this battle.

And so have I.   


Fellow warrior,   

When you feel alone out here on the front lines,   

When you feel like no one understands,   

Like no one truly cares.   

Look to me,   

Fighting beside you,   


With a nod,   

We will   


Each other's