Fighting Nightmares and Fears [first printed run]
WHAT?! Did I actually did something with my life? Well, certainly!

Last week I self-edited my very first zine, Fighting Nightmares and Fears 1, a humble first run of 50 copies of the A5 size, 20-paged story, signed and numbered, which will be sold in local books shops in Castellón, my town. Still have to actually talk to the people in charge of those stores, but that would be a piece of cake because it won't be the first time I meet them.

As said, this first printed run is written in Spanish, and its English translation is being corrected right now, I wrote it weeks ago and sent it to a couple of people, and after rechecking everything I'll consider if actually printing it in English too or just sell its digital format via Gumroad or similar. Which ever is the case, once it's decided every one of you will be able to get your own copy in the language of your choice. We'll talk about it when the time comes, but if I finally decided to print it, I'll need your address and that stuff. You can already comment about it below.

This first run, however, had some things I want to change for the future runs, like the typo size, I'll make it smaller, however, I'm really proud of it because it's the very first zine I actually print. Oh, check here some photos.

And this is just the beggining, the best is yet to come (aka I am already thinking about my next project)