Fighting Extremism ep 1: The Unsung Hero
In this video, I examine the impact of a possible attempt at data manipulation for a personal/ political agenda.

It's time we started working to set our differences aside and adopt a more moderate, centrist approach to the world. 
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Support Level: Damn. you watched the video all the way to the end.

You should get a special reward because not even I am capable of watching my videos to the very end.

Send me an email and tell me what you think I should do that will make supporters happy. Suggestions that involve "drinking ale" and "making fun of things" are always welcome. 
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Seriously. People start giving me this sort of money and I'm expecting that they're going to ask me to start stripping in front of the camera. For now? just send me a message and make a suggestion on what you want to see me to do.
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Don't bother to make accusations because you are right. I couldn't think of a name for this support level.

I may as well have just called this the; "I'm wearing white socks" support level because I just looked down and saw I'm wearing white socks which while slightly more creative would just be too bloody lame, wouldn't it?
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OH COME ON. Like you didn't see that one coming.

And let's face it, how many people can say that they're supporting some asshole on Youtube because he's wearing white socks? In a world where we give out trophies for showing up, this level of support is such a low bar that you should be proud to have achieved it. In fact, if anyone donates this much, I will mail you an official certificate commemorating your support of me wearing white socks.  
Hang it on your wall and BE PROUD, DAMMIT!
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I'm serious. If someone pledges this much, somebody somewhere is going to be buying me a drink. Probably a Youtuber. Probably one in a nearby city. I will even film it. 
We will both then autograph the empty and send it to you. 

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If someone donates 100 dollars I will probably become paranoid and do a video screaming that there's a plot and people are out to get me.
Admit it. you'r thinking of doing it right now just to see me become unhinged and freak out.

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