Fighting with the User-Friendly
I am in the middle of fighting with the Yahoo!Groups site.  It seems that most days when I post something it is immediately entered, but some days--and typically on days when I have to make multiple sequential posts--it fails to post something and ultimately releases the posts out of sequence.  Even though I am the group moderator, there is no way I can fix that, so right now I'm waiting for the post on the last verse of II John to post so I can post the chapter (in this case book) recap, and then once that has posted post the aftermath stuff to segue to the next study.  But it's been ignoring the last post for probably over an hour now, and I'm getting frustrated.  I even managed to get my web log to take a new post while I was fighting with Yahoo!

The study of III John will begin on Sunday.  If you're interested, you probably worked that out.

The new web log post is #167:  Cybergame Timing, a bit of advice for those silly games we play on cell phones and Facebook, to overcome a mechanic that leads to some frustration, at least for me.  It's one of those "not that important" posts I have noticed that I sometimes do, about which I intend to comment in a similar "not that important" post in a few days.

I've also uploaded For Better or Verse; Chapter 29, Slade 53, in which Bob gets directions and transportation to continue the quest.