Hey guys! My Figma dude came in the mail today! Thank you so much! Your support allows me to get art supplies like this. For those of you wonderin' what the heck this is, my Mom looked at me like "whaaat...?" when I showed it to her, it is similar to the wooden art mannequins that you might have seen that artists use for drawing reference. Similar in principle, but infinitely more improved. 

A wooden mannequin has some basic poseability: ball joints in the most important places and tend to be a genderless form which makes proportions vague at best. 

This Figma has additional joints for more realistic posing. I am in love with the fact that there is a joint at the ball of the foot! Compared to the other male figures this one has a lot more detailing and musculature.  It's difficult to see in the photo, but it comes with three sets of hands: fists, an open grip for props, and an open handed set.  He also comes with a stand. I have friends who have let me compare their figures (shoutout to Starrydance  and Kieshar !) and though they are a different model than the Figma, they were similar enough and more evolved than the wooden ones that I decided to go for it and order these. 

These figures will save me HOURS of searching online for not only the right pose, but the right pose at the right angle.  So many times I've had to Frankenstein a pose together from multiple references and just "kind of visualize" the right pose in the wrong angle.  

I cannot wait for Figma gal to show up!

Thanks everyone for your continued support! I means a lot to me! <3 



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