Figure winner and March Figure
Hey guys! Big congratulations to Keegan M. for winning the February Rem figure!

This month, I'll be giving away Erina from Shokugeki (Food Wars)

I'll be heading off to Tokyo in a few weeks and stocking up on figures. What type of figures would you all like to see more of? 


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Patrons Only
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Eternal Gratitude
This includes a massive hug if I see you in person

Pledge $2 or more per month
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Monthly Givaway

Every month I will be giving away some anime figurines/merchandise that I have to one of my patrons. At this reward tier you will be entered into the draw for the givaway, and if you are chosen I'll cover the shipping costs wherever you are in the world.

Keep an eye out on the feed to see what I am giving away every month!
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Patreon Only-Feed
I don't really update my social media much on what I'm working on so I'll put in extra work to make this feed a Newsletter/Blog type thing. Any project updates and funny stories I have when making new videos I'll put in here, and also any life updates if anyone cares about them.

Previous rewards also included.

BONUS REWARD: If I ever need to run a poll to decide on future video topics you will have voting rights!
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Access to all Scripts + Scrapped Ideas
At this tier you will have access to all the scripts I've made (as long as I can find them) along with any scripts for reviews and parodies that I have scrapped with no interest in reviving.

This includes my infamous "Part 2 of Big 3 Rant" (Which is best, Naruto, Bleach or One Piece?) script that I never released!

Previous rewards also included.
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Behind the Scenes + Bloopers
At this tier you will get access to any behind the scenes footage and blooper reels that I make! I will be making commentaries on big videos that I release so you can know all the inside details and stories to my inspirations and how they were made!

Previous rewards also included.
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30 of 200 patrons
Credits in Video Description
Once a month your name will be credited in one of my reviews,rants or parodies. Maybe now you'll have a reason to read the video description!

Previous rewards also included.
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Google Hangouts
I love meeting you guys, so much so that most of my close friends now are people I met who were fans of my content (none of them are fans anymore, they just think I'm a dick.) I would get to know all if you if I could, but there are so many of you now!

At this tier I'll be doing a monthly Google Hangouts where I'll be able to get to know a few of you personally, maybe we'll hangout and talk or maybe we'll chill and watch some anime. 

Not that I ever want to put a price on hanging out if you see me in person, but I can only be at so many places at once!

Previous rewards also included.
On Camera Shout-out
$50 or more per month 12 of 12 patrons
On Camera Shout-out
Once a month I will give you a shout-out at the end of one of my videos. Of course I can't spend half of every video shouting out names so places for this are limited.

1$ - 30$ rewards also included
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Personal Consultation
I've been making YouTube videos for nearly a decade now, and I've gained a lot of experience for making various content, managing Podcasts and group Parodies, building an audience, and also real working experience managing projects for the BBC.

At this tier I will spend at least 45 mins a month helping you however you need, whether it be one on one tutorials on video making to overall advice on how you can improve your personal content and grow an audience. Of course this is not limited to YouTube videos, you may use my knowledge however you wish!

1$ - 30$ Rewards also included
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