Figuro is LIVE - Progress in September/October 2017
Hi all! It's been a busy 2 months, I can tell you, and I've got some fine results to show for it.

First of all: Figuro is LIVE!!! As of september 2017, Figuro is out of beta and can be used by anyone wanting to do easy online 3D modeling. I'd like to thank all beta testers for giving me feedback - Figuro wouldn't be what it is today without your input. I will continue listening closely to your ideas and wishes in the future to make Figuro better and better still. :)

I've also been working on adding new stuff and improving the UI/UX. The picture on top tells it all: 

- Shadows have been added, giving much more realism to your scenes.
- Handling pointlights has been made MUCH easier, too. Just point and click where you want your lights to shine and you're done. :)
- I've also moved the tools and their properties to the drawing window. Easier on the eyes and allowing a faster workflow.
- A DeleD Package importer has been added, as per request of a former DeleD user. You can now import scenes from DeleD easily.

All in all, it has been a productive 2 months. Next up: integration with other 3D related websites, like MyMiniFactory, SketchFab and ShapeWays, to name but a few. I'll also work on improving the current tool set, making them even more easier to use. Stay tuned for more! :)