Film Brain Update: October 2016

So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

As you likely know, I went to Chicago and Illinois for two weeks. This is a trip that I’ve been anxious to do for many years, especially since I so rarely get to see and collaborate with my friends. In case you missed it, I did a cameo in theNostalgia Critic’s review of Dreamcatcher (behind-the-scenes video here),appeared on Nash’s WTFIWWY and an episode of Tech Q&A, and did Midnight Screenings with Brad of Young FrankensteinMiddle SchoolThe Girl on the TrainThe Birth of a Nation and Masterminds. I also filmed a scene in Brad’s Shot on Shitteo, which you can see the trailer for here. There’s also two additional videos from that trip that you will be able to see in the near future. I was glad to have done it, and it was great to see them all again, and apologies again to the ones I missed, sorry we didn’t get chance to meet again.

Understandably, I’ve been somewhat quiet on account of being abroad. However, there has been another reason, in that things in my personal life are rather in flux at the moment. I don’t like to talk about my private life, and I’m not going to say why, but it’s a rather stressful time but also a rather optimistic one as well in terms of various events. This has rather limited my time to make videos recently because of everything that’s happening right now, but I’m doing my best to continue as I can.

Regardless, I am trying to resume my videos. This has started with a belated Projector episode for Swallows & Amazons (now on Patreon), which I was not able to complete in time before I ventured to Chicago, and I’m going to be clearing my backlog. There’s plenty of major reviews coming on Projector in the coming days and weeks, including InfernoTrollsDoctor StrangeWar on EveryoneNocturnal AnimalsArrival and A Streetcat Named Bob. So there’s something for everyone in this selection.

However, that’s not all. In addition, I will be doing a special video that’s going to be covering one of my Patreon requests, which will be outside either of my traditional formats; for those that have placed them in the past, apologies if I’ve kept you waiting, but I plan on covering them all in the near future. I’ve also got an episode of Bad Movie Beatdown filmed - in August, which was one of the reasons I was somewhat absent that month - that I need to record the voiceover for, and I plan to complete in November. I’ve also got another crossover with Diamanda Hagan coming up too, as we examine another film from the director of Merlin: The Return. Have I got other plans? I have ideas, but I’m reluctant to put them here because that’s normally when fate intervenes to shower a bunch of shit on it, so I’m playing it by ear right now.

I always feel like I’m not doing enough or letting my fans down, especially the many ones I know prefer Beatdown over Projector, but I hope this satisfies people wondering what I’ve been up to.