Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 48

Well, it looks like Mamoru survived his encounter with Metallia. That's... probably a good thing? I AM NOT CONVINCED, SHOW. It had some scary-looking preview clips, but I was a little busy bawling my eyes out over Minako dying.

Aaaaand he's back to calling her an idiot. Again. Also he's telling her to smile and then he's telling her to cry and contradictory much? Yes, fine, he qualified the crying, but I really don't think that it should matter that much whether he's there or not and also HE SAID ANGER AND HATE. He said not to feel anger or hate. HE SAID NOTHING ABOUT GRIEF. I mean, sure, given what we know of the past life events, it'd make sense for Usagi to be terrified of feeling grief, but still. He never said anything about that.

Also having a world-destroying crystal that reacts to grief by, uh, destroying the world, is a stupid idea. Whoever created the ginzuishou did not really think that idea through.

Say, is the last time these two had a discussion about something other than how the world is about to be destroyed (if they're together) way back when the show introduced Kunzite? Yep, I'm really buying the "They're a couple in love" thing. All they ever talk about is work.


Also they included Luna (this time?)!

Kunzite and Endymion/Mamoru face off against one another again. I am scared.

And suddenly Beryl wants Endymion dead. I know she says it's because Metallia is inside him and she did try to seal all his lifeforce in a painting and everything, but. Still.

On the "Is Usagi depressed or not?" front we have her mother remarking on the fact that she's had no appetite and is making a tasty omelet to cheer her up. (Side-note: Nattou smells like sports socks that haven't been washed for a year if I remember correctly.)

Whaaaaaaat is Mio doing at Usagi's home. I do not trust this. At all. I do like the show foreshadowing it with the commercial, though. It could've been just a reminder that Minako is gone, but it's not.

OH SHE'S KIDNAPPING USAGI. OKAY THEN. O_O Just O_O Why didn't she do that in the first place if she's got the power to do it? Also, Artemis is living with Usagi rather than Rei?

I knew Mio taking Rei to the Dark Kingdom was going to bite her eventually. Seems to be now. Also Endymion just lost his sword fighting Kunzite after saying he's all changed and stuff. I'm not sure how taking the 'verse's ultimate form of evil into your body is supposed to reassure him you won't let the planet be destroyed again. See, it doesn't reassure him at all. It just makes him more determined to kill you.

Wait, where did this "We may not be able to save Usagi" come from? And from Ami of all senshi.

Wait what? Kunzite was just about ready to kill Endymion and then he went around and stood in front of Jadeite's sword poised to do the same thing. WHY? Does he not want Jadeite to bear the burden of killing someone? Is he arrogant enough to go "I or no one" and he was actually hoping to avoid the sword to his gut that he's dealing with now? (It'll heal, right? It healed before.)

Oooooooh, so he is going to destroy Metallia by destroying himself. I SEE A REALLY BIG FLAW WITH THIS PLAN. That flaw is that the last time he died, it really was Serenity and not Metallia who did the actual destroying at the end there. Because he died.

Is Shin bac-- No, he faded away too. Now Kunzite is dead too, just after discovering that Mamoru really has changed and he does want to serve this guy and not destroy the world and maybe heal from his wounds and WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, SHOW? T_T

Also if Usagi's feelings control the ginzuishou, that should mean Mamoru's feelings control Metallia's power now, right? So this is all about to go horribly, terribly wrong.

And the senshi suddenly face off against Beryl and Beryl is all "Whatevs nothing matters anymore". Wow, you really don't have a lot of hope or faith in anything there, do you, Beryl? You're in a magical girl show. There is no way the planet is going to be destroyed.

Although I think the Dark Kingdom just took a serious hit to its existence. Usagi and Mio just got thrown out of it entirely.

Hello, brainwashed Mamoru. It took you 48 episodes, but you have finally appeared. Joy.

Of course Mio legs it. Or tries to. Of course she does. And then she dies. By Metallia's hands. I have no idea how to feel about that.

Oh, Usagi. Trying to save Mamoru like that. We're only 14 minutes or so into the episode. There's no way this is going to work. Wow, I did not expect that to break her moon stick. But it did. O_O

YAY the other senshi! Wait, are they about to die now? They're about to die now, aren't they? They can't die. We need them for the last episode. They're getting quite the beating, though. And there's Usagi finding Mamoru's old sword and remember he asked her whether she'd defend the world and she told him yes. And realising this was all part of his plan. I'm going to grant him the benefit of the doubt since he doesn't seem to have planned on having to have Usagi kill him. Not that I'd put it past him, but I'd so like to give him the benefit of the doubt on something and it doesn't look like I'll be getting any other chances.

OH now she figures out that Mamoru is kind of a lying jerk to her. What a time to figure this out. On the other hand, it's taking her a while to get around to joining in with the fight, but she's stopping it before her friends get killed, with the memory of Mamoru helping her hold the sword.

I have to admit that I prefer Classic's approach of having all the senshi lend her their strength. It's less of the romantic Needs A Guy trope that way, though at the same time I do actually like this. It's a good reminder that Mamoru said his heart would always be with her and he'd always love her. It's a good reminder that Endymion Metallia might wear his face, but it's not his person.

The show is ramping it up with those cliffhangers. O_O Since I'm binge watching these, I'm going to be jumping straight into the final act. See you next time!

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