Hi, Hillywood Family!

Official filming for ‪‎SHERLOCK PARODY‬ starts TOMORROW! 🎥 The game is...something.

In case you missed it, we just announced yesterday that we are beginning production!   We have been saving up, diligently, from our Patreon, and it looks like we have enough to start! There is a possibility we may go a little in the red since we haven't reached our overall goal yet, but we're taking a leap of faith and trusting that God will provide! †  Plus, we have the support of an amazing family, YOU.  😊  

Well, we're off to bed since filming begins EARLY tomorrow!  If you don't hear much from us for a couple of weeks it's because we're filming!  Be sure to follow us on our Twitter/Facebook for even more updates! 

P.S. We're super excited because we will actually have a few Hillywood Family members on set because of the package they chose to support us!  Don't try to get any spoilers from them though!  They're sworn to secrecy!  Haha!  😉

Much love and God bless,

Hilly and Hannah

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