Filming Sperm Whales in Raja Ampat

Thanks to you, we've already reached $95 a month towards our first target of $500 a month. Each month as more people sign up we will approach our first goal and we'll start to plan. Even after we reach half our target, we'll start the process of planning the first film for you. 

In the mean time, we continue to make short films when we can. We're about to embark on a trip to Raja Ampat. One of the guests who is coming, has actually attended a wildlife filming and photography workshop with us twice and is also a supporter of this campaign. Thanks Bill! 

So with Bill's help next week, we'll be producing a short film from Raja Ampat and hopefully it will feature Sperm Whales, as we are going to attempt to track them acoustically. 

We're also considering running our next filming and photography workshop on a liveaboard off Komodo Island towards the end of 2017 ... more on that later. 

In the mean time, thank you again for your generous support and helping us kick start this campaign.


Simon Mustoe.