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Filter - Tom Read
Here is song #7 called FILTER. This song pushed me to the limit in terms of trying to finish off the song in time for the deadline. I've had the idea for this song for awhile, but it never felt quite complete. I finally came up with the line "show your scars and all your wounds, I promise you I will love you" and that formed the end section of the song which pulled it all together and made it feel complete. Check it out and let me know what you think (lyrics are below).


Have you made it yet, did you reach the top

If you don't get there soon, you can cover it up

Are you satisfied now, is it good enough?

Well you might fool the world, if you can just pull it off

But the pain is real and your heart is a mess

They won't ever have to know, they won't ever suspect

You know all the rules, you can play the game

But just don't go too deep, just don't give it away

You put a little filter on it

Crop it so it hides the truth

Try make it look so perfect

Try to make it look so good

But it's not you

There’s no need to lie, you can just be you

You have nothing to hide, there is nothing to prove

Are they satisfied yet, are you good enough?

You play the part so well, but you’re not fooling us

When you show your cards, when you tell the truth

We'll see the frailty in your smile, we'll see beauty shining through

You can break the rules, you can change the game

If you will just let us in, if you just let us in

Show your scars and all your wounds

I promise you, I will love you

(So here's my scars and all my wounds

Oh promise me you'll love me too)