Final confessions: Days 30 and 31
Day 30: Claim your # (hashtag) and explain your choice.

The hashtag I've been using for this WIP and the previous books in the series is #TheCalibanCycle, which should be self-explanatory. 

Day 31:  Pitch your work-in-progress. Let us have it!

The sins of the fathers are visited on the sons.

Sir Arthur Magus learns what it means to have been an absentee father when his son calls for him to step down as Merlyn. Calvin Bannister, last lord of the vampire race, must face the only other vampire he ever created — his father — in final combat.

And Tom Caliban is forced to acknowledge his bloodline, meeting the Caliban family and learning their horrific mission in the world — one he is destined to lead.

The Caliban Cycle concludes its first trilogy with "Sins of the Fathers," coming in print and ebook this autumn.

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