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Final Fantasy - Series Main Theme (Live Band)
We've got something special for you this week: a unique live arrangement of the Main "Prologue" theme heard in almost every game of the Final Fantasy Series. Michael, who wrote the arrangement, has this week's annotations for you:


Michael here. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the original Final Fantasy, the 1987 NES game that launched one of the most important and enduring video game franchises out there. In honor of FF's birthday, game composer Nobuo Uematsu and developer Square Enix are hosting a 'contest' for artists to send them their own renditions of the series "Main Theme," sometimes referred to as the "Prologue."

So we went for it. (I've also sprinkled in two other musical 'staples' heard throughout the series - see if you can pick them out!)

The majority of Extra Lives' live performances aim to faithfully reproduce the original arrangements of the themes we tackle (just with our instrumentation), but Uematsu's contest called for a more unique approach. My background is as an arranger, and the arrangement you hear in this performance flowed easily from my heart.

That's because I'm pretty obsessed with the Final Fantasy series. I still have many fond memories of playing FF4, FF6 and FF8 growing up, and I more recently tackled FF5 and the extremely challenging original FF1. Moreover, the games' many wonderful themes have formed a significant part of my artistic palette as a musician.

So here's our tribute to Final Fantasy, and to one of our foremost musical idols: the masterful video game composer Nobuo Uematsu.