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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Is DLC likely & if so... what? (FF7 Universe Cutscene Spoilers)
 Triple A, DLC, Games as a Service & Square Enix are four inescapable  terms that for the episodic Final Fantasy VII Remake saga, I'm going to  hedge my bets on some interim stuffing. So heres my take on what any  story, location or character dlc updates to FFVIIR should and shouldn't  avoid.. including a whole load waffle about the extended universe story.    TLDW: Basically I think they should use DLC as a means to tell EV  aspects from games like Before Crisis, Crisis Core and dare I say.. some  Dirge of Cerberus? Even hit some advent children movie, it's DLC. Go  wild! :D  Alot of cinematic and cutscene footage from the FF7 universe in this  video so careful for visual spoilers.