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Final Fantasy IV - Mount Ordeals
This week's piece is another patron request from our wonderful family here on Patreon! Michael hand-picked it and our party was happy to oblige.

Here are Michael's notes.


This week's musical theme come from Final Fantasy IV and is heard during Cecil's climb to the top of Mount Ordeals, a hallowed range far to the east of the wizard city of Mysidia. He agrees to scale the Ordeals in order to make penance for his brutal slaughter of the city's innocents at the beginning of the story.

Cecil is joined in his quest by the Mysidian mage apprentices Palom and Porom (and the sage Tellah, whom the party meets halfway up the mountain)--unaware that the adolescents have been sent to spy on Cecil, whom the Mysidians still distrust.

Composed by Nobuo Uematsu (who else?), the theme quotes Final Fantasy IV's main musical motif (1-b3-5-b7-6) within an arduous repeating rhythmic pattern redolent of an uphill climb.

The theme is also heard earlier in the game, as Cecil, Rosa, Rydia and Edward attempt to pass the treacherous Mt. Hobs on the way to warn the Kingdom of Fabul of an oncoming attack from Baron.

The scene at the top of Ordeals, in which the party reaches a small crystalline shrine after twice dispensing with a vicious earth elemental, is one of the most famous in Final Fantasy franchise history. Hearing a mysterious voice that he finds strangely familiar, Cecil is given an opportunity at absolution for his crimes by casting away the role of the Dark Knight forever to become a Paladin... but he must first face the darkness within himself.

Final Fantasy IV is Michael's favorite game of all time.