Final Fantasy V - Clash On The Big Bridge (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)
Clash On The Big Bridge From FF5 - Bass Cover - Post Your Requests! TABS HERE: BECOME MY PATRON: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Tips And Comments: - Playing Sound: Played between the two pickups, i recommend trying a higher approach to the bridge pickup for more clarity in the sound, i used fingers just for an option, maybe a pick will do good as well. The tuning makes a difficult playing because of the flattened strings - Gear Sound: Try adding bass and treble, the sound of the original bass is synthesized - Song: Every part has is own difficulties, try separating them and practice slowly. The finger positions are the most difficult part of the song. Watch them carefully Need more tips? Just comment! *All the tabs in this channel are created by me, if you have any advice in the transcription feel free to comment! *Gear: Taurus t-24 Washburn 4 String Bass (D'addario .045 Standard Strings) - ESI Ugm-96 Interface - PC (Digital Processing) VIDEOGAME COVERS: MY BAND:
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